Mr Jovis’ mind-blowing presentation of the Cite Verte Project.
ICAD’s Cite Verte project was presented to a multitude of pundits.

The second edition of cities and roof of Cameroon took place on 30 of October 2020 at the Saint Jérôme Catholic Institute of Douala-Cameroon, under the theme ” Deconstruction of negative and discriminatory perception of popular neighborhoods: Their contribution and challenges in achieving Sustainable Development Goal number 11”.

The rationale of this symposium was to create an enabling environment for inclusion of civil society organizations and local governments in the turnaround of negative perception towards popular neighborhoods. This is a problem that has existed for ages as most popular neighborhood have negative connotations, often likened to ‘slums’, ‘ghettos’, ‘elobis’ and worst of all, such neighborhood are perceived as breeding grounds for delinquents.

This event had three breakout sessions, whereby ICAD participated in the session that analyzed the role of CSOs in achieving SDG 11. It is during this session that the Liaison Officer of ICAD – Mr. Nguefack Jovis had a mind-blowing presentation on the CITE-VERTE-Project, especially the role the project plays in transforming slums and waste sites into green spaces. This symposium shoves the CITE VERTE Project, from a local project to a nationally recognized project. 

The outcome of this symposium will be replicated during the phase II of the CITE VERTE PROJECT. It should be noted that one of the deliverables of Waste for Development (W4D), which is the program managing the CITE VERTE PROJECT is the production of rooftiles.  

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