A fresh impetus

The trainees mostly masters students from the University of Dschang will rejuvenate ICAD.

SDG 13

Inline with Cameroon’s INDC and with the goal of promoting REDD+ at the local content, ICAD is contributing imensely to SDG 13

A New Horizon

ICAD being one of the organizations that meets the criteria to do Municipal Solid Waste Managament (MSWM) in Cameroon is expanding its perspective by training and onboarding 10 youths.

  The training that started on the 25 May 2021 culminates with the issuing of attestations. Participants were trained on 3 modules:

– Module 1: The production of biogas.

– Module 2: Solid Waste sorting.

– Module 3: Composting techniques.

The participants are therefore well equipped to be the next environmental gladiators, fitting into the 5 years strategic action plan of ICAD


– Omamatouo Buba

– Nelkem Hortence

– Megaptche K. Sterline

– Biadjeu M. Pamela

– Ngam Cedric Kuma

– Tagne Franky

– Wensikuouaba Victoire

– Beya-Le-Djikolngar Console

– Douanla Alix

– Tene Geraldine

– Kamte Biegain Brenda

– Wandji N. Brandon

– Nguedjio K. Destrorelle

– Djomo Tchamba R. Duval

– Djikoloum B. Lobe

– Kamdem K. Gildas




– Takam D. Fabrice Armel

– Atchoumbou Jean Baurel

– Djousse T. Maxime Gildas

– Tessa M. Rosalie

– Kemshi Suleman.



Follow Along

L’ICAD marque un pas de plus dans le développement

Guedjo Destrorelle. P - ETUDIANTE MASTER - GEOGRAPHIE - UDsCT ICAD, DOCTORANT UDs FORMATEURUne séance de formation des jeunes sur la gestion des déchets a été organisée par l’ICAD ce dimanche   Dschang/ICAD/23-05-2021.C’est dans la salle des conférences du centre...