• Local Conditions: In the past, most of the SWM projects in Dschang emulated the example of projects that were successfully implemented elsewhere. In reality, the local institutions, stakeholders and the general environment in Dschang is different from most parts of the country. Basically, Dschang is the only Divisional headquarter in Cameroon, hosting a state university. The 7 other state universities are located in Regional Headquarters.
• Data: The ideal is that ‘what you can measure, you can manage’ Policies and decisions are normally supposed to be grounded on data. But in reality, the municipality does not have a database on SWM, making it almost impossible to conduct real and measurable policies, which explains why we are working so hard to have a database, which will be updated monthly.
• The Goal Behind the policy formulation: Building on law number 017 of 22nd July 2004 on the Laws of Decentralization in Cameroon, and taking into consideration the local context as per our findings, the general goals guiding the SWM policies in Dschang are public health, environment, resource recovery and waste prevention.
• Instruments: Economic, legal and social.
• Operator:
• The role of Policy Makers:
Establish goals.
Set regulations.
Put in place good practices.
Shape the economic climate.